Beginning podcast

In this inaugural episode of Tech PR War Stories, Paul Gillin and David Strom talk about observations from the recent New Communications Forum in Las Vegas. David is amazed to hear that some PR people are still asking how to create relationships with journalists. They should know that by now, he thinks. Paul complements conference keynoter David Weinberger on his inspiring speech about how users taking that back control of the message.

Paul says PR people should look beyond just influencing the media and start thinking about how they can become content producers themselves. David points to the redesign of the web site as an example of how mainstream media is changing as a result of social media influence.

In our weekly look at the best and worst of PR, Paul compliments one company for taking an especially proactive approach to CEO accessibility while David remembers the vendor who returned his call a whole week(!) after he had filed the story.

Download the podcast here.


2 responses to “Beginning podcast

  1. Excellent stuff!

    I found your site through Greg’s post and I’m looking forward to the coming podcasts.

    Paul, I’m also a firm believer in that principle – that we should go beyond “looking for media to influence”; and becoming influencers ourselves. Problem is that, in this transparent world, we can’t do that effectively until we ourselves are firm believers in the clients that we represent. The impetus is on clients to win our trust (yes, even the PR team they hire) and on PR folks to believe what they represent, or simply stop representing them.

    Best wishes on this project, guys!

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