13: How to get noticed at BusinessWeek

This week our guest is Jessi Hempel, Innovation Department editor at BusinessWeek. As a top editor at one of the most influential business publications, Jesse gets more than her share of PR pitches, and she shares her insight on what works best. Her new blog is already becoming an important source of feedback and advice on the topics he covers. A tip: she’s made several new contacts with PR folks posting comments on her blog. Tha’s a great way to build a relationship!

Jesse also talks about what works and what doesn’t in interviews with executives, how BusinessWeek editors are managing the balance between online and print reporting and the importance of blogs to her as an information source (she even reads them before The Wall Street Journal!). Listen in for this insight into the thoughts and practices of one of business journalism’s most prominent reporters.

Listen to the podcast here (right click to download): 19:20


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