21: Shara Karasic, social media bonzana!

Our guest this week is Shara Karasic, the community manager at Work.com. She maintains a fascinating and very extensive directory of social media sites here. She talks to Paul and David about the sites that PR people should pay more attention to depending on their client’s goals such as Xing.com. Also, some of the more obscure sites that you may not have heard of, and specialty sites that might be relevant to particular market segments.

She talks about the reasons for the big uptake with businesses using social media for their own purposes and the ways influence is gained and maintained.

You can download and listen to the podcast here (16:05)


2 responses to “21: Shara Karasic, social media bonzana!

  1. Thanks for the interview David and Paul! By the way, the community site for PR professionals that I mentioned should be MyRagan (http://myragan.com). I believe I said ragan.com by mistake.

    I wrote a Work.com guide to increasing your online visibility that gives more detail about how to publicize yourself or your clients on the web through creating useful content (the guide specifically talks about how to publicize yourself through writing a Work.com business how-to guide, but its principles are applicable in a broader sense).

    And, I also love to hear about new and exciting community and social media sites/resources/experts, so if you know some, contact me at skarasic at yahoo dot com.

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