28: Take this short PR quiz

A few years ago, David put together a quiz for PR people on best practices when dealing with technology media. We revisit that quiz to see how well it holds up. Surprisingly, many of the most common mistakes David cited in the original 1999 document are still made today. Listen in and see how your performance compares, but first, take a moment to see how you score on the following points:

  • If you must use Powerpoint to get across your message, you always limit it to five slides.
  • You never follow up an email to a reporter with a phone call asking if s/he received the email.
  • You know your reporter and what s/he has published — before you make the first contact.
  • You get the facts fast to the right people, especially when asked directly for them.
  • You put full corporate contact and product summary info in all of your press releases and on your web site.
  • You never send unsolicited email attachments, of any kind.
  • You’d never send out a group email that includes your entire press list in the header.
  • You fix factual inaccuracies quickly and dispassionately.
  • You understand the power and limitations of freelance reviewers.
  • You’d never even contemplate sending out time-bombed review copies, demos, etc., knowing that writers want the real McCoy

David and Paul discuss the modern-day reaction to these questions. Also, jeers to eBay’s customer relations.

Download the podcast here.


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