33: Are PR people spammers?

David and Paul riff on Wired magazine editor Chris Anderson’s anti-spam manifesto, which includes the publication of hundreds of addresses of PR people who are banned from his inbox. David is appalled that Anderson would go so far as to publicize e-mail addresses for every spambot to harvest. Paul agrees, but sees merit in the problem that Anderson is highlighting. Both agree that there are tools journalists can use to manage their inboxes more effectively and that the onus is on reporters to become familiar with those tools.

The hosts would like to hear from their listeners about ideas that are working for them. How are you getting through the e-mail deluge and getting your message to reporters? Comment below, and we’ll include the best ideas on a future episode.

The hosts also discuss Steve Rubel’s blog post this week in which he laments the craziness that has overtaken the Web 2.0 market. They agree that the hype machine is out of control, but believe that this is nothing like the Internet bubble of nearly a decade ago. Paul says that new platforms invariably spark a surge of innovation and that this is basically good for the market. A shakeout is inevitable, and the survivors harvest the best ideas of the companies that didn’t make it. Sustainable new markets need to go through this process, he believes.

Get the podcast here. (15:58)


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