58: IDG’s Online Transformation

Patrick McGovernThis week we have the privilege of speaking to Pat McGovern, chairman of International Data Group and the world’s most successful technology media executive. McGovern today oversees a $3 billion global media empire that spans more 90 countries and reaches more than 220 million people.

Amidst the constant churn in the information technology market, IDG has patiently grown and adapted through a philosophy of diversification, reader service and global expansion. In this interview, McGovern discusses:

  • How the economics of electronic media make it a better business model than print;
  • How Scandinavia and Asia are the leading the way in Internet innovation;
  • How IDG’s experience with taking a business unit public convinced him of the value of keeping the company private;
  • IDG’s new “Internet-first” strategy;
  • How investments in Chinese entrepreneurs has transformed IDG’s business.

Pat McGovern’s success demonstrates the power of staying focused, adapting to change, experimenting and sticking with a long-term vision.

Download the podcast (25:44)


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