81: Making connections in Columbus

David recently visited Columbus, Ohio and met with several entrepreneurs and IT managers and came away pleasantly surprised. One of the movers and shakers there was Ben Blanquera. By day he is an app dev manager for a healthcare firm, and his alter ego has him involved in a series of social networking, meetups, and startups that involve connecting geeks from the area together in such forms as Ignite Columbus, and Columbus Tech Life. In this week’s podcast, Paul and David talk to Ben and find out how he managed to pull this off with no money and lots of volunteers, including organizing a conference at the last minute to bring into town some very famous computer industry mavens.

Download and listen to the podcast here.


2 responses to “81: Making connections in Columbus

  1. Looking forward to the podcast (link doesn’t seem to be working currently). Ben is doing great work getting the tech scene and community active.

    In the “small world” category, Patrick Murphy (Brand Thunder founder) was to meet Paul in Boston at the SNCR event, the same day I was meeting David here in Columbus. An unfortunate bout with the flu canceled the Boston. Fun to see you two collaborating.

  2. Great job Ben. Columbus is lucky to have you.

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