92 – Visionary Educator

hanson_hoseinHanson Hosein was a successful television news producer who traveled the world and won an Emmy award working for NBC News before realizing a decade ago that the media world was about to change dramatically.  He ditched the world of “big-box” media and set out with a handheld video camera to learn about the emerging world of citizen journalism.  His travels resulted in, among other things, Independent America, a video documentary of a trip through America’s back roads and mom-and-pop businesses.  Today he heads the masters of communication program at the University of Washington, where his innovative curriculum has created conversation and controversy for its rejection of traditional media models.

Hosein believes that in the future media will be atomized and spread among millions of special interest “reporters,” few of whom will call themselves journalists.  This will ultimately be a superior model, but the process of breaking down old institutions and constructing new ones won’t be pretty.  In this interview, he addresses the question of whether journalism is dying and how aggregation may become the journalist’s most important role in the new democratized media.

Listen to the podcast (21:00) (right click and save to download)


One response to “92 – Visionary Educator

  1. I totally agree. This has been the trend, and it’s why I started my own online newspaper in my community. I truly believe the model I have is exactly what Mr. Hosein describes as the future. My model is http://Sequim-News.com

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