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66: How to Connect With CIOs

Michael Goldberg

Michael Goldberg

Do CIOs use the Internet?  Perhaps not the same way mere mortals do, but IT executives have intense information needs of demand a unique focus in perspective.  As managing editor of CIO.com, the online wing of the venerable technology magazine, Michael Goldberg is charged with keeping close to the needs of this highly coveted audience.

Don’t approach Michael with technology pitches.  His audience is focused on solving business problems, and there areas of concern go far beyond the newest iPhone.  Successful PR professionals should define their pitches around a solid business context, with customer citations a plus.

And in the true Web 2.0 spirit, CIO.com is now enabling conversations. Its new new Advice & Opinion section enables experts to contribute their wisdom directly, without having to go through a pitch-and-submit process.

Here are Michael’s guidelines for submitting to Advice & Opinion:

We encourage experts to post their pieces directly at CIO.com’s Advice & Opinion section. Simply register at advice.cio.com and post your piece to our website. We strongly encourage you to register under your name.
Our online community for IT leaders is most interested in best practices and problem-solving information for their work, so please join the conversation. Also please know that we reserve the right to delete pieces
that read like sales and marketing materials. At our discretion, we may also take the best submissions and promote them in our newsletters and/or on the home page of our site.

Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Go to cio.com.
  • Click on Advice and Opinion section.
  • Read the articles we have there by staff and contributors.
  • Consider what you want to write. Does it add something to ongoing discussions about something important in IT, management, leadership, careers, technology implementations, value, business. What value do theyadd to the ongoing conversation and why
  • Write your article. Make the outline clear, stick to the specific points you want to make. Take out sales and marketing language –we delete such pieces.
  • Register at cio.com. Please use your real name to add credibility to your post.
  • Post your article. Include the author’s company affiliation at the top.
  • See who comments.
  • Repeat later.

Below are some recent examples of submitted content:

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