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36: All about corporate blogging

This week’s virtual guest is Debbie Weil, author of The Corporate Blogging Book and an expert on business blogging. Paul met with Debbie at the BlogWorld Expo conference in Las Vegas and conducted a short interview, which we play here. Paul and David then discuss some of the more frequent questions they hear from PR professionals who are trying to get their executives on the Cluetrain.

Some major issues they address include:

  • Should every company have a blog and are there alternatives that are superior for different business objectives?
  • What do you do about reluctant executives who don’t see the value of online customer conversations?
  • What should your blogging policy look like, or do you even need one?
  • What are the different applications of blogs to achieving business goals?
  • How do you deal with negativity? Should you enable customer comments and engage with persistently negative commenters?

Download the podcast (16:34)