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64: The Spinfluencer

Eric Schartzman

Eric Schwartzman

If you’re a PR professional, you can’t afford not to listen to On the Record…Online. For the past three years, this podcast has offered a steady stream insight on how journalists, marketers and new media innovators use the Internet to report the news and promote their businesses. Host Eric Schwartzman has anchored all 120 programs and in the process become a media influencer in his own right.

Paul came across On the Record…Online when he was writing The New Influencers and devoured program after program. He later devoted a couple of pages of the book to describing how the show had evolved from a conference promotion to become a staple of Schwartzman’s iPressroom service.

In this interview, Schwartzman talks about how On the Record…Online came into being, the impact it’s had on his business and how public relations is evolving in a world of fragmented media.

Download the podcast (27:39)


53: Changing the World One Podcast at a Time

Paige Heninger (l.) and Gretchen VogelzangWhen Paul was writing his book, he met two mothers who personified the term “new influencer.” Paige Heninger (left) and Gretchen Vogelzang launched Mommycast in early 2005, never expecting it to be more than an intimate chat between them and a few friends. Nearly 300 shows later, Mommycast still has that first-time intimacy, but its global audience now numbers in the millions. The show has big-ticket sponsors, a host of awards and its own channel of family-oriented podcasts. But success doesn’t appear to have spoiled Paige and Gretchen, who still think of each program as just another phone call.

Marketers don’t see it that way. They clamor for a chance to get a coveted mention on the program. In this interview, Paige and Gretchen tell how Mommycast got started, the secrets of staying focused and how they handle inquiries from marketers.

Download the podcast (28:54)

46: How to find influencers

Paul’s writing a book, and he’s devoting a chapter to hands-on techniques for finding influencers online. It isn’t as simple as it sounds. Google indexes only a small percentage of online content and no search engine taps in to all the features of the various photo-sharing and social network sites. This week, Paul talks about what he learned conducting influencer searches on behalf of a mythical Quebec resort. Step one: master advanced search. It will save you a load of time. Learn how read tags. And understand that del.icio.us is actually a very powerful influencer search engine.

Download the podcast (19:26)