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59: The Blog that ate Manhattan

You wouldn’t think that a blog that talks about Eva Peron, cervical cancer, and how to get pregnant would have a wide appeal, but these and are topics can be quite compelling. This week we have a mystery guest on the show, Dr. P, a working gynecologist who writes The Blog that Ate Manhattan. She talks about what is like to find her voice and thrive in another profession, how and whom she blogs for, and the kinds of topics that she covers on her blog. Here is one sample of her rather delicious writing style to whet your appetite, as it were, in a post telling women how to get pregnant:

Procreation is like Windows Explorer – it’s built into the operating system. (Weren’t you starting to wonder if Bill Gates was God?) The default mode is pregnant. And here’s the thing – you’ve been using the pop-up blocker! So turn it off already … and let nature take its course.

You can download and listen to the episode here.