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68: The Tools We Use

There are so many free and inexpensive software tools available today that the biggest challenge most people face is figuring out the best ones to use. Paul and Dave have settled on a few of their few favorites, and in this episode they talk about what saves them time and makes them more efficient. Among the favorites mentioned in this podcast:

AI Roboform – Paul uses it to save hundreds of logons and to fill in forms.

Camtasia – David’s favorite utility for recording and editing screen shows.

Gadwin PrintScreen – Paul uses this free tool to grab screen images and upload them to websites or insert them into presentations.

SnagIt – David’s preferred tool for the same purpose.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking – Paul says it’s the single most productive writing tool he’s ever found. By dictating instead of typing, he can double his output volume.

Gmail – Both hosts use Gmail extensively; David tells how to make use to contact groups.

Google Calendar – It could be a better calendar, but the sharing features more than make up for its deficiencies.

What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments area below and maybe we can host you on a future show.

Download the podcast (14:47)