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29: These are the worst

This week the discussion is about the worst PR practices Paul and Dave have encountered recently. These include unanswered inquiries, missed phone calls, messed-up mail merges and the trade show “press swarm.” They’re not complaining, mind you, just pointing out how lack of attention to the basics can torpedo even the best PR efforts.

A particular issue is PR people who don’t respond to overt invitations from reporters to be included in articles. What are these people thinking? Our hosts debate the merits of “info@” e-mail addresses; Dave doesn’t like them but Paul thinks they’re OK if done right.

Dave describes how his schedule was disrupted by a PR professional who couldn’t distinguish between eastern and central time zones. Paul reminds listeners that there is a difference between standard and daylight time and wishes more PR pros would make that distinction.

Paul tells of his experience at the Demo conference, where a PR feeding frenzy was evident on day two. Why didn’t these people do more advance work?

And then there’s e-mail. Dave reminds PR pros that if he doesn’t respond to the first e-mail, chances are low that the second one will be any more successful. And Paul recounts the amusing results of a misfired mail merge he received this week.

Download the podcast here. (11:24)